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Merry Christmas! and Thank you!

IG-H4H Thank you Merry Christmas

Your generosity made Christmas groceries and a Christmas party possible for these children. And don’t forget your donations also helped support feeding 75-100 kids for over a full year. Isn’t this amazing? Thanks so much for supporting our efforts in 2015!

(These are recent pictures taken at a weekly feeding by GoAbroad Foundation.)

We did it!

862607_PicsArt_10-31-04.31.52 1081203_PicsArt_11-01-08.07.52We had a great turnout out at our Halloween fundraiser! We had over 120 people come to our party. We had chili and hot dogs, and we had a DJ doing the H4H Line Dance with us. The best part is that everyone donated enough to feed 75-100 kids for OVER a year this time. Plus we have enough for Christmas groceries to give the families that don’t have a sponsor.  Thanks everyone for supporting us and “taking one bright step at a time” with us! Look what we did together. It’s amazing!

~B Moe


Guest Speakers at Our Meeting by Lady Rainbowcorn

H4H Meeting March 21, 2015

H4H Meeting March 21, 2015

This past Saturday March 21, some H4H members met at a restaurant and listened to some very inspirational individuals speak about traveling abroad. These individuals all have experienced a calling from God to help make a difference. The importance of every individual’s calling was stressed greatly. Our calling as a club is to bring relief services and spread awareness of typhoons in the Philippines.  

 Every speaker was very inspirational and has had amazing experiences that they shared with our team! Thank you to all who spoke to us and shared your stories about travel, life and your calling from God. It was truly a gift! 

 Every individual has his or her own calling, what is yours? 

 Have you ever thought about traveling abroad? 

 Below is a picture of our club and the speakers.

 Over and Out

-Lady R