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New Post from SirBobSponge


I read Lady Rainbowcorn’s post about the Philippine navy and it was really awesome! So, I looked into it more and found that a new species was just discovered by divers near the same place.

The new species is a kind of shrimp. This particular shrimp is said to have the ‘coolest’ eyes in the world! Not only does it have cool eyes but it also has beautiful colors. They are calling it the “mantis shrimp”

Here is the short clip. I hope you enjoy it!


New blog post by Lady Rainbowcorn

Hey guys!! Here is some interesting
News in the Philippines!!

For the past year or so the Philippine navy has been spotted  quietly refurnishing an old military ship that ran aground in 1999 on a disputed South China Sea reef in order to keep the ship from falling apart. It seems that challenges have been put in the path of the refurnishing by neighbors.

Read this article to find out more!

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-Lady R