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“It’s always fun to do something you’re not used to doing!” New blog post by Gooner


Today my family went to a local park; we met up with friends to do a type of dance called a line dance. It was pretty fun, and it was good exercise. When it was done, we took some pictures and went to get some ice cream. After that, we all went home. I don`t usually like dancing, but this was really fun! So if you’re reading this then remember that it’s always fun to do something you’re not used to doing!



Water in the Philippines

In my fourth grade class, I recently learned how important water is for both plants and animals. Water is a NEED. Without water, living things would die. It is interesting to find out how water is transported in the Philippines. In some places people have to purchase clean water from a water shop. Imagine that!

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H4H 2013-15

It has been a wonderful year for Hope For Haiyan. We managed to host three events to raise awareness for the Phlippines. In June, we had a fundraiser party where we introduced our dance, had a buffet of Filipino foods, and showed the Filipino culture. In September, we had a s’more party to raise awareness. In October, we had a costume party on Halloween to once again raise awareness and have a little fun. Through our donors and our own personal contributions, Cangumbang threw a Christmas party including games, food, and fun. Hope for Haiyan has come along way and recruited many members since November of 2013 when it was only an idea. Hope For Haiyan, here’s to a great year and many more!

~B Moe

B Moe Shares Thoughts on Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit

Typhoon Ruby, also known as Hagupit has hit the eastern part of the Philippines. It’s a category 4 typhoon, almost a category 5. It’s heading for Tacloban, the same place Typhoon Haiyan hit. My only hope is that God can help them try to get through this disaster when it  hits. I hope to raise enough money to help them once again, and raise even more awareness on how hard they have it. Our thoughts are with all the people in the Philippines, and we’re still trying, and all we can do now is pray.

~B Moe