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Yay! Another year of feedings & Christmas groceries for the kids in Cangumbang!




Our fundraiser this year raised more than last year. Pretty cool :) Elsa (the Director) said the funds will cover another full year of feedings for the kids. It’ll also cover Christmas groceries for families in the community, and maybe even a Christmas party for the sponsored kids. This is great news since part of the rice crops were diseased and they were harvesting rice that couldn’t be sold or eaten! Our donors and everyone who’s supported us are so awesome. We have alot to be thankful for. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

~B Moe

We did it!

862607_PicsArt_10-31-04.31.52¬†1081203_PicsArt_11-01-08.07.52We had a great turnout out at our Halloween fundraiser! We had over 120 people come to our party. We had chili and hot dogs, and we had a DJ doing the H4H Line Dance with us. The best part is that everyone donated enough to feed 75-100 kids for OVER a year this time. Plus we have enough for Christmas groceries to give the families that don’t have a sponsor. ¬†Thanks everyone for supporting us and “taking one bright step at a time” with us! Look what we did together. It’s amazing!

~B Moe


New Video From B Moe

Hey everyone! I have just posted a new video on youtube about typhoons! It would mean so much to me if you checked it out, I talk about what a typhoon is, and even a little about typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. I also talk about the categories of typhoons (1-5) and the miles per hour winds. Again, it would be so helpful if you watched it!

You can also find it on youtube by searching our channel “Hope For Haiyan” and looking under the videos!

Thanks for watching!

~B Moe

Soup Kitchen by Fin

This past Saturday, the Hope For Haiyan group went to the local soup kitchen and volunteered serving the homeless. It was a very interesting experience because it showed us how many people are actually in need of food and shelter in our city. Everyone we met there was extremely nice and thankful. Many of them thanked us for volunteering and told us we were doing a good job. This made me feel like I was truly giving back to the community and helping others is always a great feeling.