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Blog Post from Pepapig

I really enjoy being a part of H4H.
I’ve enjoyed participating in the meetings and have learned a lot.
I think it is great that our small community group can do so much for this damaged country and I believe that others should recognize this opportunity.
Recently, I wrote about H4H for one of my classes.  I talked about the young people involved and what we can do together.
I even spoke about the culture and customs of the Philippines.  I can really appreciate this group and what we are trying to do considering I am partially Filipina myself.
I hope that we can raise a lot of money and make a huge impact on the quality of life in these Filipino communities.

~ Pepapig

B Moe’s Thoughts on 5/18/14

I think it’s really cool how I get to see how to start a fundraiser and how to host a party. I hope that some day Hope For Haiyan will be a fundraiser that almost everyone knows about and supports. I love how everyone is trying to pitch in and help with what is now very important to me. Growing up in a family of businesses and now a fundraiser helps me to learn about different careers. Hope for Haiyan is now a part of my life.

~B Moe

NEW AND COOL by Lady Rainbowcorn


Check out Elsa’s new blog about the reconstruction of the houses that were destroyed after the typhoon in November.

Also, how cool would it be if the family’s houses that were being reconstructed in the Philippines could be disaster safe? Change needs to happen sometimes, right? Check out these awesome houses that have been designed for protection against weather! Someday, maybe these houses will be built in the Philippines.  The link is below:
~lady rainbowcorn