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Who Wants to Help?

Philippines after typhoon

As the story of typhoon Haiyan becomes less interesting to the media, we’d like to keep the story in everyone’s minds! Whether it’s by word of mouth, twitter, or any social place to communicate it’d be great if everyone could spread the word!

I think this picture is very interesting. As you can see, these people are in deep water, flooded by the typhoon. The interesting part is that they’re smiling! These people are making the best of a terrible scenario. Always remember the strength that you have to overcome difficult situations.



Gooner’s Thoughts 8/15/14


It is interesting to find out that children in the Philippines are going to school in tents because they have not finished constructing the schools from when the typhoon hit the Philippines last November. I think the kids have to be brave.  If I were one of the kids I would probably start to cry because I wouldn’t want to work in a small tent when it’s really hot without air conditioning. It would be really hard to concentrate on doing my work.

Read more and share awareness with other people.

Sincerely, Gooner

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UNICEF Humanitarian Situation Report

Eight months after the typhoon, UNICEF and their partners continue to help try and restore life back to normal for children who have been affected by the disaster. Last month, three villages have had their sanitation practices successfully improved. Humanitarian response and early recovery needs for the children have been fully funded up to November, 2014. To read the entire update, you can download the PDF here