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The Two Seasons

I was curious about the seasons in the Philippines and researched to find that there are really only two official seasons of weather there.

For most of the country the two seasons are:

Dry season (tag-araw)  – November to April

Rainy Season (tag-ulan) – May  to October

However, in some regions the seasons are flipped including Eastern Mindanao, Southern Leyte, Eastern Samar and Southeast Luzon which is rainy from December to March and fairly dry when the rest of the country is soaking wet.

The hottest month is usually May and the coolest least humid months are January and February.

Wet season pic

Dry season pic

Dry season pic

~Submitted by a Hope for Haiyan team member

Hope for Haiyan was Given a Shoutout!

Movie & Snack Time

Movie & Snack Time

It was exciting to read that we were mentioned in Elsa’s blog along with the Kulcyzk Foundation of Poland.  We’re so happy that the weekend feeding at the center will continue because of our efforts.  Here’s a couple of excerpts from her blog:

“Our weekend feedings are now being held thanks to generous donations and fundraising efforts by Hope for Haiyan, a student group in the U.S. devoted to making a difference. The kids happily watched the movie Frozen both Saturday and Sunday last weekend, after I finally gave in and let them see it. If you haven’t seen the movie, the main character happens to be named Elsa and I constantly get comments related to the movie, so I haven’t wanted to encourage them by showing it to the kids ;)

This week I also signed a contract with the Kulcyzk Foundation of Poland, who have decided to donate funds to VFV so we can complete construction projects at the center, including tiling the floor of the center, installing window grills on all the windows, and building a platform under the center to creat a safe play area for the kids and a dry cooking area for families during flooding. I am beyond exciting to have their support and be able to make some final improvements to the foundation of the center :)

To read more of her travel blog, click here

It sounds like there will be a lot of progress at the center in the near future!


H4H Line Dancing

B Moe’s Thoughts on 9/7/14

I can’t believe how far H4H has come. In less than a year we managed to send enough money to feed the kids in Camgumbang for the rest of the year, start a website and a blog. I’m overjoyed that our small group of students and parents are making a big difference even if it’s only for a village. It may not seem like we’re doing much but to that village I know how thankful they are that someone is still out there and helping. It’s mind blowing how fast we can achieve our many goals if we work hard, never quit, and believe.

~B Moe

August 2014

Convenient Encounter

Our H4H team recently had a meeting to come up with a t-shirt design for all of our volunteers, and afterwards went out for a delicious lunch at the food court. We met a very nice man who was Filipino. His name was Marcel, and he was traveling through the United States. We told Marcel about our group and what we do. He was amazed and very, very grateful for all of our help. The little things always add up to something big, after all you could not make one million dollars without one million one dollar bills. Our team’s motto is “taking one bright step at a time,” our few small steps add up to make a world of a difference.

Something to think about: what is something little that you can do to help with something large?

Iive, laugh, love and conquer the day! :D

-Lady Rainbowcorn