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Hope for Haiyan Gets Featured by the GoAbroad Foundation – By Fin

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Look what we can do together!  Isn’t it true that even a small group of dedicated people can do amazing things for people?

Through an interview, the GoAbroad Foundation featured the H4H Team in their article on November 24, 2014.  It feels good to be recognized for all the hard work we did to raise money.  Enough for weekly feedings for a full year! We hope their article will spread our mission further to even more people who want to raise awareness for kids in Cangumbang, Philippines.  They greatly need help. And you can help just by sharing this link!

Here’s the link to GoAbroad Foundation’s interview and feature article of our Team:


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Squidword’s Blog Post of 11/17/14

Since Thanksgiving is November 27 and just around the corner, it made me think about   national holidays in the Philippines.  I checked and there is a celebration on November 30th or recognized on the Monday nearest this day to create a long weekend.  It is called Bonifacio Day.  This national public holiday celebrates the birthday of Andres    Bonifacio.  He is one of the Philippines greatest heroes.

He is called the Father of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonisation.  He and some others started a secret revolutionary movement in 1892 that started military revolts against the Spanish.  Some historians consider Bonifacio the first president of the Philippine Republic.  He and his movement gained so many supporters that it became the largest revolutionary force the Spanish colonizers had to face.

Unfortunately, Bonifacio’s leadership was contested by others and Emilio Aguinaldo, who was his biggest internal rival took over and had Bonifacio tried and executed unfairly as a traitor.

Another interesting fact is that Bonifacio Day is celebrated on the day he was born instead of the day of his death like the other major hero of the Philippines name Rizal.  This is because he was killed by his own people instead by the hand of foreign forces.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of Philippine National Holiday history.



One Year Ago Today

As of one year ago, today, the Philippines was struck by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). The country has frequent disasters but this one has effected it for a year now. Reconstruction is never easy for such tragedies. We will never forget, and hope you never forget either. Also, never forget that there is always a glimmer of hope, now matter how dark the situation is.

Click here to see a video called “Anything for Love” that was really inspirational during this past year.