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H4H 2013-15

It has been a wonderful year for Hope For Haiyan. We managed to host three events to raise awareness for the Phlippines. In June, we had a fundraiser party where we introduced our dance, had a buffet of Filipino foods, and showed the Filipino culture. In September, we had a s’more party to raise awareness. In October, we had a costume party on Halloween to once again raise awareness and have a little fun. Through our donors and our own personal contributions, Cangumbang threw a Christmas party including games, food, and fun. Hope for Haiyan has come along way and recruited many members since November of 2013 when it was only an idea. Hope For Haiyan, here’s to a great year and many more!

~B Moe

Something to Reflect On! By Lady Rainbowcorn

Pope Francis recently made time to visit the Philippines. He presented multiple speeches. There are a couple of quotes that stood out to me! Here they are:
“It is now, more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity and commitment to the common good.”
He challenged “everyone, at all levels of society, to reject every form of corruption, which diverts resources from the poor”.
Pope Francis is encouraging movement towards a more just society. He recognizes the inequalities occurring in the Philippines and is voicing it! How fantastic is that?!
Something to consider:
What can be done to answer Pope Francis’ requests? How?

Over and out for now!
-Lady R

For more information about Pope Francis visiting the Philippines you can visit :