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Horse Racing in the Philippines by Squidword

Did you know…. Horse racing has been around in the Philippines since 1867. With the KY Derby just around the corner I was curious if they had this type of sport in the Philippines.

The sport of Horse Racing has become very popular over the years. The Philippine Horse Racing Industry traces back in history more that one hundred years ago! This was considered a social event and gathering of Filipino, Spanish and English families of Manilla. The Horse Racing Industry is a big part of the Philippine society. In fact, now people are having the benefits financially and economically. As well, it creates jobs for the less fortunate.

I think this is really interesting how they have Horse Racing in the Philippines. I was extremely surprised on how popular it is and how many people participate in betting and in preparing everything for these huge racing events. I also thought it was interesting how it is not much different from the KY Derby at all.

I would love to experience Filipino Horse Racing!

~ Squidword


Easter in the Philippines – A Post by Pepa Pig

Last Sunday was a holiday known as Easter which is the most joyful holiday to Christians around the world.

In the Philippines most people follow the Catholic faith and Easter is a very significant holiday. Catholic Filipinos are very passionate about the Easter holiday and fully devote their time to it during “Holy Week” which is the week before Easter.

During this time, people go to church everyday and most people fast by not eating meat or even by drinking liquid alone all week.

Many Filipinos also like re-enacting the event of Jesus’ torture. People do this by whipping their backs, and wearing crowns of thorns during the public celebration. Some even choose to nail their hands and feet to a wooden cross to represent the crucifixion of Jesus.

On Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus, they have ceremonies in the church where they place flower petals on a picture of the Virgin Mary and celebrate how the world has been saved.

As you can see, the celebration of Easter in the Philippines is much different than how most United States Americans celebrate the holiday! The Philippines is famous for this way of celebration and many people from around the world come to see it!

~Pepa Pig

The Philippines is battered by some 20 typhoons a year

The Philippines is battered by some 20 typhoons a year. Yet, post Haiyan millions of Filipinos remain vulnerable and under-prepared for future such disasters.

This is an article on environmental issues that affect the Philippines.

My reaction: how could someone go through 20 typhoons a year? Sometimes more!