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Cool Connection!! by Lady Rainbowcorn

In the spirit of Memorial Day and celebrating all those who have died serving our country I thought it would be interesting to see if the Philippines have any similar holiday.Well guess what! They do!!! In the Philippines there is a holiday called National Heroes’ Day where the nation’s heroes are celebrated and honored. This holiday is held on the last Monday of August in remembrance of the anniversary of Cry of Pugad Lawin and the beginning of the Philippine Revolution in 1896.

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Diving in the Philippines By Fin

The Philippines is Asia’s “Dive Capital.” Some of the best sights for diving are only in the Philippines! Whether you’re just looking for some amazing sights, or if you’re a diving pro, it’d be an amazing experience to dive in this exotic country! You could see the many species of coral, in fact the largest variety in the world! Not only are there many kinds of coral, but there are dozens of species of fish to see! There are many other things you’ve yet to experience, but those you’ll have to see for yourself!



Technology can be used for Good Purpose!! by Gooner

Technology can be used for Good Purpose!!

When category 5 Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in 2013 a technology tool called OpenStreetMap was used to help workers understand the characteristics of the land in the Philippines. Recently, in Nepal with the 7.8 earthquake many people are finding and helping those in need with these kinds of technology tools.

Some tools that Facebook and Google have developed to locate missing people in places around the world where natural disasters have happened are useful. Google has a new tool called PersonFinder and Facebook has SafetyCheck. Some of these new tools have just been launched to help those in Nepal who have been hit by a 7.8 earthquake.

I think that these kinds of tools are very helpful to people who are searching for missing people who are hungry and hurt. These types of technology are good ways to be very helpful to other people who need help!



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