H4H Team 2020Now_Then

Wow, check out this “then and now” picture of some of our team members. The old picture was taken at our very first H4H meeting, 7 years ago. Looking at it brings back a lot of memories, fun meetings and serving at local soup kitchens in our community. Three of us are in college now or have graduated since that first picture. It’s been awesome to have many great supporters over the years. We hope they’re just as fulfilled as we are at seeing how many people we’ve helped together. Although the COVID19 pandemic hasn’t allowed us to gather this year, we’re still committed to our mission.  Please join us by clicking here to donate in any amount!

  • $2 for 1 child for a month
  • $25 for 1 child for a year
  • $50 for 1 community feeding for 100+ children

Thanks for “Taking One Bright Step at a Time” with us. Happy Holidays!