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Hope For Haiyan is a team of youth volunteers whose mission is to help kids that were affected by the super typhoon in Cangumbang, Philippines.  For short, we call it H4H.

We’re a team of youth from Louisville, Kentucky, founded by Natalie Kephart (17). We also have several adults who help us. As a team, we update this site together so you’ll see information coming from all of us. We’re looking for other volunteers across the nation, of any age, who are willing to join us too. And you don’t have to come to a meeting to join H4H.  To join, all you have to do is stay involved by reading our email updates, and send in a blog post that relates to our mission every few weeks. Or you can even sign up to be a team leader and start an H4H group in your local community.  In case you didn’t know, on November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda) struck just south of it’s capital, Manila, destroying buildings and crushing families. We want to put together a team for support, to put it simply.  We are putting all of our effort into this project, and hope that you may be willing to help in any way you can.

Our Team meets once a month, to discuss our further plan of action. We meet at different restaurants, serve at local charities together, and plan fun events like S’more parties and Halloween costume parties. Another cool thing is that we get to learn how to run a blog, how to put together an actual website, how to put in permalinks, images and things like that.  One of the adults said it would help us to learn these things for the future.  During one of our first meetings we got to design an H4H logo at the mall and afterwards, had a chance meeting with someone with the Philippine Army who just so happened to be in the U.S. Talk about great timing! We still talk about how much fun we had during our first fundraiser in June 2014 (see the pics we posted under the “Photos” tab). It was great that our friends and even people we didn’t know supported our cause by donating and purchased umbrellas from us.  The best part was raising enough funds that will help feed the kids of Cangumbang every Sunday for the a FULL year.  We still can’t believe it.  Of course, now we’re busy planning outings to local soup kitchens, making flyers that tell people who we are, and other fundraiser ideas. There’s definitely a lot to learn, but it’ll be fun doing it together as a group.

Currently, we’re staying in contact with a few people who live in affected areas in the Philippines. One of them works for Volunteer for the Visayans and GoAbroad Foundation and her name is Elsa Thomasma-Alingasa.  She’s a young American who was on national TV after the typhoon because she helped save an entire community by building an evacuation center on one of the islands during the typhoon, and to this day she’s still living and volunteering there.  So we’re doing what we can to help her too.  (See pics of her under the tab “Elsa Thomasma-Alingasa.”)

Our Mission:  To use this blog and social media to raise awareness and funds in order to help kids in the typhoon devastated Filipino village of Cangumbang rebuild their lives and prepare for a better future.

Please stay tuned to this page for updates on our mission.  By spreading the word about the typhoon, we hope we’ll get more people to join our efforts!  Thank you for visiting our page!  Salamat po!  (Thank you in Tagalog)

                               -Natalie Kephart

You can email us at: info@hopeforhaiyan.com

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