Getting through the Covid-19 pandemic

Being stuck at home was nice for a while, right? I remember being so excited to be out of school for two weeks.

Well, look where we are now! I endured a struggle-filled and stressful year of non-traditional instruction (NTI) through online schoolwork (shoutout to Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams), was employed as an essential worker through my time at Blaze Pizza, and had to deal with only seeing my family for months!

But seriously, this pandemic has affected our lives more than we realize. Our entire world has changed. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes are necessities, masks are essential, and getting Covid-19 tests are as normal as a check-up at the doctor. I am extremely grateful that my only hardships were school, work, and social-related through this pandemic. I know for many others, that is not the case.

For a developing country (1) like the Philippines, the Covid-19 pandemic caused higher concerns than online schoolwork and social isolation. Even with the worst of it over (at least we hope), this pandemic will have lasting effects on my mother’s home country. Multiple “longstanding challenges such as highly fragmented care,
maldistribution of health facilities, health human resources and financing continues to afflict the Philippine health system” (2). These problems worsened when the pandemic hit.

So, what can a high-schooler like me do? My first instinct is to raise awareness. Not only to the situation in the Philippines, but to all countries who are struggling because there are good and innocent people who need my help. I may not be able to fly myself over there, although I would love to, I am doing my best to put in the work from my home. I am blessed to be brought up with so many opportunities and it is a privilege to have been given them. I want to pay it forward, to help others, to make these problems known that they are bigger than we realize.

So here’s where you come in. I know I cannot do this alone. We all need to come together to donate, advocate, and assmilate!




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